New product Carrasol MGU 6272 for poultry and red meat injection

Based in our constant commitment to the needs of our customers, Gelymar has developed a new product for the meat product range. CARRA™SOL MGU 6272 is a product based on carrageenan especially designed to provide viscosity in cold solutions and in brines with low salt content.

CARRA™SOL MGU 6272 is the perfect product for lean meat injection achieving great mouthfeel and texture profile. It also helps to develop new products with less ingredients as it does not need the addition of extra hydrocolloids to provide a superb functionality.

Within the main advantages of this product, it is possible to highlight:

-          Adequate viscosity development allowing the continuous operation of the injection equipment and the retention of the injected brine.

-          It guarantees the retention of the injected brine for both refrigerated and frozen products.

-          In frozen products it prevents the growth of ice crystals, which favors the texture of the meat thus also prevents water losses

-          It allows achieving an excellent texture in lean meats.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to ask for more details on our new product CARRA™SOL MGU 6272!

noticia carrasol MGU6272

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