Dairy Products

Dairy products are those obtained from milk and include milk and its derivatives as cheese, cream, butter, desserts , that due its perishable nature must be subjected to severe thermal treatments to guarantee the consumers' security

The mentioned treatments can affect the water holding capacity, therefore these products must be stabilized to prevent syneresis.

Currently, these products are becoming very sophisticated, since the development of technology allows the creation of multilayer desserts, high protein dairy drinks, high whey protein drinks, vitamin and mineral enriched, cheeses with textures from spreadable to solid able to be cut and products with completely new sensory profiles that earlier were not so common. This makes the employment of carrageenans and/or hydrocolloids very advisable to get the required characteristics that distinguish one product to the other.

Fort he previous, Gelymar has developed different product lines:

  • Carralact DCM: Chocolate or flavored milk, dairy drinks as those high in whey or high in protein, coffee drinks.
  • Carralact DSC: Dulce de Leche (Milky Candy).
  • Carralact DFL: Flan, custards, cream desserts
  • Carralact DCR: Thick cream, whipped cream, double purpose cream (whip and culinary applications)
  • Carralact DPC: Processed, sliced and spreadable cheese
  • Carralact DIC: Ice creams and frozen desserts
  • Gely Gum: Cultured products as yogur and cream.

Our products contribute to prevent syneresis, deliver the desired firmness, suspend cocoa particles during product’s whole shelf life and many benefits.