h-2013Food Security Certification

Thanks to its high commitment with Food Security, Gelymar gets in January 2013 the Certification FSSC 22000 besides keeping  the Certification of its Quality System  ISO 9000;  attaining the integration of the approach of  Food Security with the Quality in all the processes of the company; since the acquisition of  the raw materials until  the product is used by the end client.

h-2012Audit of Social Responsibility

By request of several clients, Gelymar submits itself to the audit of social responsibility, widely showing an ethical treatment to its employees according with the global standards, developing relationships of loyalty between the personnel and the enterprise, guaranteeing in this way the human capital at the service of the customers.


Gelymar consolidates the attention and customer service by the launching of a modern dairy pilot plant in Gelymar’s innovation center in Puerto Montt.

The plant which is highly versatile,  unites all the operations for the production of an endless number of dairy applications,  facilitating the development and later scaling up to  industrial level.


Gelymar consolidates its commercial operations with own offices in Mexico , Europe and through a network of distributors, conveniently located in the five continents. This commercial structure allows to offer an efficient and prompt service to all customers in any part of the world.


Gelymar is rewarded  as  the  best exporting company,  recognition which is granted every year by the “Sociedad de Fomento Fabril” to chilean companies  that stands out in their activities.


Gelymar sets up  a joint venture with Rhodia Food for the commercialization of carrageenan and systems, contributing both companies  with all their  experience to  the design and production of textural systems  for a wide range of food applications at world level.


Gelymar starts up the new plant of carrageenan extraction by alcohol refining process.

In the state of the art technology, this plant produces carrageenans of high quality and functionality in a sustainable manner and in agreement with the environmental demands.

h-1997Gelymar sets up a joint venture with FMC for the installation and launching of a new carrageenan plant,  benefiting both  companies  from the experience and proximity  to one of the richest cold water seaweeds source in the world.


Gelymar inaugurates and starts up a new plant of heterogeneous process for the production of carrageenan, as well as a plant of extraction of refined by press gel technology.

Logo gelymar antiguogdelogo algina oxiquim

Productos Quimicos Algina, S.A. and Oxiquim, S.A.,  invest resources for founding Gelymar, S.A., a pioneering company in the manufacturing of carrageenan obtained from fresh  cold water seaweeds; starting up operations  in the  Xa. Region in Chile

h-1960Algina discovers the functional properties of the extracts obtained from chilean seaweeds which will be the source of kappa II carrageenan, a special type of carrageenan of high reactivity with milk protein,  placing Gelymar in a position of privilege in textural solutions  for dairy systems. Today Chile produces 90% of red seaweeds for Kappa II.


As  a result of the investigation of the potential of marine resources in the south area of Chile, Algina  begins the production of alginates in the country.