Meat Products

Meat Products are those made with pork, poultry, meat of livestock as cows, sheep, goat and mix of them that can be subjected to different treatments for their preservation as salt addition, pH reduction, osmotic pressure, temperature. Among this group stand out fresh marinated products, raw cured products, pasteurized cured products as hams and meat emulsions.

In all these cases is necessary to deliver to the consumer the right firmness, freshness, juicyness and flavor.

Answering to these needs, Gelymar has developed products lines:

  • Carragel MCH: Cured meat products of diffent extensión.
  • Carragel MSG: Emulsions, fine pastes as Viena and Frankfurt sausages, mortadela and bologna.
  • Carragel MGU: Marinated products as poultry, pork and livestock.
  • Gely Gum: Restructured meat products.

Our product lines are designed to improve yield, juiciness and provide requested firmness for each type of meat. Due to the carrageenan´s water holding capacity, they contribute to reduce syneresis and purge in vacuum packed products.