Personal Care

Cleaning Supplies

Personal care products are those aimed to the cleanliness and hygiene of the body including shampoos, hair conditioners, cream shaves, liquid soaps, toothpaste.

They are products difficult to formulate because they have a high content of salts and emulsifiers that besides of clean they must deliver fresh sensations, softness and creaminess as well as generate abundant foam.

Tooth Paste

The employment of carrageenans is remarkable in toothpaste where it gives the required body to deposit the product on the toothbrush keeping the tubular shape, besides of impart shine and prevent syneresis during the product’s shelf life.

Carrageenans can be used to formulate toothpaste cream type (White) and type gel (transparent) and thanks to their high capacity of water retention they prevent the separation of phases, even though in situations where due to factors as weather, the storage is done at high temperature.

Face to sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, carrageenan offers the advantage of releasing the flavor with more definition, besides of not being suceptible to the damage by microorganisms, that guarantees its functionality during longer periods of time.

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Shaving Cream

In shaving creams, carrageenan contributes to form and maintain the firmness of the cream, facilitating the shaving, acting also as a lubricant agent that prevents skin damage due to the abrasion of the knife. In after-shave lotions, it acts as a carrier of desinfectant and moistening agents and thanks to its film forming capacity, contributes to maintain them in contact with the skin during more time, giving a smooth, soft and silky sensation that results very pleasant.

Creams and Lotions

In emulsions oil in water such as skin creams and lotions, it is necessary the maintenance of the emulsion, despite the mechanical work that is done to spread it. To this aim, carrageenan contributes by two mechanisms of action: The formation of weak three-dimensional networks and the improvement of viscosity that prevent the joining of fat globules and due to its gliding properties, it facilitates the application of these products over the desired surface, reducing the mechanical damage of the emulsion. Finally, due to its film forming properties, carrageenans act by maintaining the skin moisture and reducing the expression lines.

The above mentioned properties have also been used in the design of face masques of gel type, that are applied with the fingertips over the skin; that act as water holders with a refreshing, softening and invigorating effect; effect that may be higher or lower, depending on the nourishing elements included in the formula.

In all these applications, Gelymar’s carrageenans can be employed because they accomplish all the identity standards of United States Pharmacopeia USP/NF.

Moreover, Gelymar’s carrageenans have big tolerance to polyols which are the main moistening agents used in the cosmetic and personal care industry and tolerate low alcohol concentrations, around 15 to 20%, when they are diluted and added.

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