The foundation of Extractos Naturales Gelymar is the development of responsible business practices, ethical behaviour of all the personnel, its training and growing, creation of sustainable processes and the care of the environment.

With these principles Gelymar offers a service of excellency that has allowed to place the company in the different global markets, responding to the client’s needs, as demanding as these are.

Responsible Business Practices

Gelymar guarantees to its personnel the security in the work place, training, dignified treatment without discrimination and oportunities of growing inside the company; supporting and encouraging all its contributors to propose and develop ideas aimed to the continuous improvement of technology, manufacturing processes, care of the environment and customer service. In this way, it is possible to deliver functional, innovative and secure products that accomplish the in force legislations of each market.

Training and Personnel Growing inside the Company

The human resources of the company are the most important and valuable resource for Gelymar and due to this reason, Gelymar gives all the means for the investigation, study and learning inside and out of the company, looking for the communication of all the learned things, capitalizing in this way the knowledge in the improvement of the processes, products, environment and given solutions to the clients.

Ethical Behaviour

The code of ethical behaviour of Gelymar is based on the integrity and the mutual respect to all members of the organization, the suppliers, external contributors, competitors, local and international authorities and in general to the all community, being the base and foundations of the way of acting in any market where it invest and operates

Sustainable Processes

Satisfy the current needs of clients without jeopardize the natural resources and the possibilities of the future generations has taken Gelymar to the creation of sustainable processes that stand through the time; based on the study of seaweeds to determine the ideal moment for harvesting to get the máximum output with the best properties of the extracts, the constant reforestation of meadows and the investigation aimed to the farming of red seaweeds in vitro and in vivo, in areas of clean sea water, with the right luminosity, salt and oxygen concentrations .

In this way Gelymar commits itself not to affect the marine ecosystem, maintaining the seaweed population and the ideal conditions for its growing, guaranteeing at the same time the end products in the volumes required by the customers, not only in the present time, but with the projection for the future growing.

All these efforts translate into healthy and safe products and in a better quality of life for everybody.