Products Line


Carra™ Gel line is characterized by a great capacity to form gels with water, using very low dosages and due to its properties of high water retention, these gels do not have syneresis.
In meat products, Carra™Gel MCH gives the required firmness and the syneresis control and due to the strong interaction with meat proteins, produces high firmness; allowing the development of economic formulas with interesting savings.
Carra™Gel products are also employed in gelled desserts, forming gels of high transparency and brightness; properties that are appreciated in this type of products, line Carra™Gel PWJ.

This line of products is characterized by its high reactivity with milk protein that delivers firmness, cohesiveness, consistency; allowing to formulate diverse  dairy products with interesting formula savings.

Due to its gel forming properties, stabilization and contribution to viscosity, products of Carra™Lact line are recommended to elaborate different dairy desserts such as flans, cream desserts, custards and more…

In chocolate milk and dairy drinks, Carra™Lact gives very stable and homogeneous products, through the time by preventing separation of phases, sedimentation of insoluble particles, improving the body and palatability, line Carra™Lact DCM.


Products of Carra™Sol line do not form gels. They act as thickening and stabilizing agents for water and milk systems and due to this, they are used in a wide variety of food applications where body and syneresis control are required.

The capacity to develop viscosity and hold water, together with the solids suspension properties, makes Carra™Sol products highly suitable to elaborate dressings, tomato sauces, ketchup, fruit preparations, toppings, among others.

These products have a great resistance to  freeze-thawing cycles, hence they are widely employed in fillings for bakery products and restructured meat products as nuggets, hamburgers and surimi, where they contribute to prevent ice formation and the release of water during thawing.

In personal care products, it is contributing to the required rheological behavior and the stability during storage, preventing the separation of phases and the loss of body.